Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Scooters first Christmas

Woke up on Monday with daddy saying happy Christmas to me.
What's this Christmas thing daddy I barked?? Silly Daddy still doesn't understand
barkies. We went out for our walkies and when we got back Daddy showed me this
thing called a stocking with my name on it! It was full of pressies!!

Scooters StockingAccording to daddy, some big old bloke dressed all in red called Santa, came into our home during the middle of the night and put
these pressies there for little me. Don't get me wrong, I like the pressies, but I don't think anybody climbed down our chimney, and then snuck around our home to leave them. 1) We don't have a chimney, and 2) me's would have heard him. Daddy's pulling my paw, but me don't mind as long as I get pressies!!

Scooters StockingSo me got the stocking thingie, it was full to the top with lots of pressies, me got a new froggie that squeeks, me got a nice new coat, some new chew sticks (moo moos and cheese flavor) and a box of liver treats, yummy !!!! For the rest of the day daddy and I played together all day. Yeaaahhh me want it to be Christmas forever, well maybe except for the Santa thing, that's just weird, and if I ever see him, me gonna bite his bum

Sunday, December 10, 2006

weeeee fun day out

Yesterday was a cool day, daddy got me up and took me for a walk in the freezing cold!
The lake behind our home was all covered in this weird cold hard stuff, where the water
used be. Me not sure what was going on there but it was weird. Did me mention it was c old?!?!

Later on, daddy put me in the car and we went for a long drive, normally when we go in the
car we either go to the doggie park :-D , or the vet :-(
But this time it was somewhere else, it was a long drive, like a whole 30 minutes. Daddy cursed
a couple of times as he got lost finding where we were going. Then we got there, some place
called Happy Tails Dog Spa. It was soo
great, lots of other dogs all running around and playing, daddy said I was there for an interviews
and I got to play with all different dogs of different sizes. Daddy said I passed the interview and
can go back for an entire day!! Woo hoo me so looking forward to it!.

happy xmas from scooterThens we went and met up with Uncle Daves, and he spent the evening taking photos of me and daddy. We went into the Reston town center, and we took some photos by the big Christmas tree. Lots of people were there and they all said hello to me. Hee hee, it was fun, lots of girls and little kids wanted to say hello and pet me, they all liked my coat as well so it was cool.

Ahh I can't wait to go back to Reston town center and see all those peoples again, and I'm so looking forward to going to happy tails again!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

scooter got a girlfriend

Daddy took little me to the park on Saturday, it was a little cold so I wore my little jacket.
Normally the park is full of boring doggies. They usually run around lots, and I get tired and
go and dig a hole. But this day was different, first there was a really nice beagel who was small
like me, he was cool to play with.

Then two other sausage doggies like me turned up, they had jackets just like me, their hair was
longer than mine, and one was this really cute girl! Me pushed out my chest, and walked right up
and said hello, and then sniffed her bum. She was soo nice.

After a little talking and running around, me got the strangest urge and climbed up on her back, and started doing the same thing I do to daddies cushions. Hee hee, Daddy was annoyed, and pulled me off her. But she liked it.

Me hope me meet her again, she was so cool

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Daddy so doesn't get me

Daddy's stooopid, we've been together for like ages now, and he doesn't get
that I don't do rain !

Every day he brings me out to go potty, even when it's wet. Silly daddy puts
my coat on and we go out. He has to carry me down the stairs, they look scary
going down. Me a big boy now, and can climb all the way up them, but just not
down yet.

scooter @ the doggie parkThe other thing daddy doesn't get is that I like to dig, dig, dig and more dig *hee hee*, it kind of annoys him when we go to the doggie park, cause me plays with the other little doggies for about 20mins, then get bored of them and then dig. There's a tree in the park that's got my name on it!
When we goes walking around the lake at home, me sniffs all the trees, as the squirrels all bury stuff.

Recently daddy and I go out to the cafe, starbucks most weekends and
sit and have fun for ages. Lots of people come and say hello to me, and play with me.
Hee hee, I tend to attract the cute girls in the place.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Cyber buddies

So just looking through my posts and email, and found that I have
a couple of cyber buddies called Serafin and Rasputin, he belongs to a friend of daddy called Julio hernandez-miyares. So I send out a big cyber woof to both Rasputin and Serafin :-D

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Scooter goes to starbucks

Daddy and I started the day out by sleeping in late :-D
We both had breakfast, and I felt like sleeping in a little more.
I curled up on daddys lap as he was having breakfast, a little later
on daddy took me to the doggie parks.

We've been to the doggie park a couple of times now. It's cool because I get
to meet other doggies. Daddy makes sure I only play in the small doggie
side. Which sucks coz I wanna play with the big doggies their fun !! But daddy
says I'm too small :-(

scooter @ the doggie parkThere is a tree in the park that I love to dig around, I get a little bored running
after the other dogs, my legs are a little shorter and after a while it gets tiring.
Daddy gets a little annoyed that I perfer to dig than run around, but he'll learn :-D

Scooter's Blue Steel PoseAfterwards we decided to go to starbucks, starbucks is like this place to get coffee, toys and treats ! Lots of people came to pet me and play with me. It was cool, we sat there eat treats, I had chicken chips and daddy a muffin and a latte, me like lattes, they are really nice :-D

Lets see what we do tomorrow, hope it'll be more fun stuff

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Scooters big day out

Now that I have all my injections and stuff, Daddy is taking me out more.
He lets me off the leash during our morning walkies, and we play a little ball.

Today daddy took me to get the nails on my paws cut. They were a bit over grown
and kind of annoying. Daddy didn't want to do it himself because he didn't wanna
hurt me, so he took me to the groomers. The groomer was this nice old man who showed
daddy what to do the next time. But the groomer cut some of my nails too close :-(
it hurt a little, but i was brave, and i didn't cry much. I snuck into daddys coat
as he was holding me, and he made things all better !

Then we went to starbucks, where we had something called Joe!
We sat outside and lots of people came to play with me's, it was fun :-)

Doggie park
Then daddy took me somewhere for a pressie because I was such a good boy. We went
to the doggie park in Reston. There I got to play with other small doggies. Some kids
were around and one of them keps trying to pick me up, which neither daddy or I liked. Still we played with other doggies, daddy said I was a really good boy and we both can't wait till I goes back :-)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Me like licking

Daddy was lying on the sofa this evening, so me decided to play
with him. He should be playing with me, I'm a good puppy. I let him
have a whole 9 hours to go to work, and all I ask for is someone to clean
up after me, feed me, and play with me ! Daddy should consider himself lucky.

Lots of licks !So I jumped up on the sofa, and crawl up to daddy, and I gis him lots of
licks! It lets him know I like him. But he didn't like it :-(
Silly daddy, scooter licks are the coolest things in the world ever!
Hee hee, might have something to do with me farting on him too hee hee.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hyper Scooter

Me did something kind of bold. Daddy was in the bathroom, and I was
in the sitting room. When the packet of puppy snacks fell off the shelf O:-)

So once it was on the floor, I snuck over to it, and tore it all up. I ate
what was left in the bag, a half a bag of chicken chips, yummmy !!! :-)

But then me spent the night running around, so full of energy, daddy was
annoyed, but what's a puppy to do. So at 3 am in the morning, me felt tired
and finally fell asleep.

Daddy was evil this morning, and made me get up at 7am to go walkies, I protested
and would only go on a small walks. Me was really exausted, and needed more
sleep time, daddy was laughing at me. Poo on daddy !

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Must chew everything !!

Seriously ScooterMy teeths have been annoying me recently, and the only way I get some relief is
to chew. Daddy's gotten me lots of rubber toys and these yummy stick things to chew.
But I've got diverse taste. So daddys shoe laces, letters, and more recently the cord
or daddys iron that was hanging down the other days.

Hee hee, me knows it drives him nuts, but me needs to chew!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Scooter vs. Squirrel

Yesterday I was going for my evening walk around the lake, when I saw something weird
it was gray, furry, and about my size. It was sitting upright, eating nuts with it's front paws!

Evil Squirrel
I also saw it had been burring nuts by one of my play trees (ok all the trees are my play trees). I looked at daddy, who said it was a squirrel. I looked at the squirrel, then at daddy, then back at the squirrel. This tree isn't big enough for both of us.

I moved towards the tree, and then so did the squirrel. Hmm wasn't expecting that, so I went behind daddys legs to make sure he was ok and that I was going to protect him from back there. Daddy laughed and we went on our way.

Next time squirrel, you won't be laughing, me'll bite your furry bum !!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Feeling All better Again !!!

Got over my cough, with help from the Doctors at the Hospital.
Daddy took me back last Friday and I got another set of shots :-(
One more set to go in 3 weeks time. Grrrr

Scooter Outdoors
This weekend, little old me and daddy spent the weekend together playing.
We went out walking lots ! met lots of new friends like YingLing, Scholtzy, and others.Daddy decided not to let me play too much with the other doggies until I get my final set of
vaccinations. So in protest, I have laid down the lay in the apartment, anything I like, sniff, chew, or wanna chew is mine ! Hee hee those shoes look ripe for the taking :-)

Daddy was talking about taking me out to get coffee with him, and meet folks. That'll be nice.
He introduced me to Uncle Dave yesterday, and said soon I should meet Aunty Mandi. Hmmm I don't know about that, Uncle Dave nearly stepped on me a couple of times, will have to see.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trip to the doctors

So we went to the doctor again yesterday. I was feeling a little better but daddy wanted to make sure I was ok. When the doctor saw me, I guess I was a little scared because I didn't cough once. The nurse stuck something weird up my bum and said my temperature was inside the normal range.

If she does that again, she's going to have a sore paw when I bite her !!

The doctor took one look at me, started listening to me breath and then pulled on my skin, appearently she was able to tell that I was dehydrated. The doctor and nurse took me into the back room, gave me a horrible big needle in my back and put this weird fluid in me. It left a huge bump on my back. Then they gave me a b12 injection. I tried to be brave but cried out to daddy to come and save me. He couldn't :-( so I got my revenge by weeing on the carpet when I got home :-D. The doctor and nurse then gave me this white stuff in a dropper, that tasted funny, they gave daddy the bottle to take home and give it to me there too.

Then last night I was just exausted, daddy again made a bed for me on the sofa and we snuggled up for a little while I was coughing. This morning I felt much better, but I know I'm going to have to go back to the vets again this week for a check up :-/

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Still not feeling well

Me was coughing all night, daddy kept me warm and safe with him on the sofa.
Today I just couldn't get out of bed, but it was cool, daddy wrapped me up in a blanket
to keep me warm.

Normally when daddy goes out, he puts me in the crate or the kitchen but this time
because I was so sick, he left me on the sofa in my little made up bed. I didn't feel like

Sleeping in my bedDaddy popped out to go to the store, and to the pet store to tell them I had kennel cough :-(
They told him to call the boss of the store on Monday, and they wanted me to starting seeing
their vets because this sometimes happens to their other puppies. When daddy came home
I had a little #1 accident on the carpet, it was a weird #1 but daddy cleaned it up, and then I
started feeling just a little better. Daddy sat out on the balcony with me for a couple of hours
just so I could get some fresh air. After that I felt a lot better, but still not great.
I took a little food daddy hand feed me, and then we went outside for a little walk.
Not very far, I didn't feel up to it. Daddy brought me home and I went back to bed. I hope I feel
better soon :-(

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Me Not feeling well

Today is Saturday, was looking forward to spending the weekend playing with daddy.
But somethings wrong, I just feel terrible, I don't want to go out and I've started coughing.

Need sleep :-(
Tonight daddy decided to stay with me all night, I was coughing so much I was frightened.
But daddy made 2 little beds on the sofa one for me and one for him. Mine was made out of
my nice new orange blankie.

I spent the night coughing, and throw up once and went potty as well, but daddy took care of it all
and just hugged me to make me feel better. *cough, cough* :-(

Friday, September 15, 2006

A trip to the Vet

Hmmm, today daddy took me to the Vet in Reston Animal Hospital.
The last time I was there, the lady doctor gave me some injections, which weren't nice. Hope
it doesn't happen again !

This time, it was different, daddy had a 'sample' of my work for the doc, and told
them I needed some worming, they looked at me, and weighed me, I'm a full 6.2 lbs !
The doc game me some tablets for the wormies, and gave me an appointment thingie
for next week for more vaccinations. Uh-oh that means more injections :-(

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A happy daddy

So daddy and I are getting to know each other, and one of the important things
to know, is that puppies go to the bathroom. I'm still young, and finding my way
and daddy is really cool about it, if I make a mess in the apartment, he fixes it up
cleans me up and every thing is cool!

Lake in RestonEvery day daddy takes me walkies around the lake. Couple of times a day, it's pretty cool because I get to meet other doggies, and play with them. And daddy gets to meet girls, who keep coming up to me and calling me cute. Now and
then daddy asks why can't I sniff out the single ones with a big smile :-D

Today though, I really needed to go, we had been walking for a little, and I needed to do a #2.
Normally I prefer the carpet, it's nice and warm, but when in a push, you got to go, when you got to go. Daddy didn't mind, in fact he was over the moon, he cleaned it up again. Don't know
why we were out doors! But we gave me lots of hugs and praise !

Got to remember to do that again sometime, but still the carpet is nice :-D

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Hello world !
My name is scooter, and I'm a digital doggie :-)
My daddy brought me home from the pet store on the 11th of September 2006.
I was nearly 3 months old, playing with my brother and 2 sisters in the store, when
daddy saw me for the first time. He played with me for a little, and then left. I was
so sad :-(

But then the next night, daddy came back and played with me some more, this time
he took me home with him, and so begins the adventures of scooter !