Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Scooters first Christmas

Woke up on Monday with daddy saying happy Christmas to me.
What's this Christmas thing daddy I barked?? Silly Daddy still doesn't understand
barkies. We went out for our walkies and when we got back Daddy showed me this
thing called a stocking with my name on it! It was full of pressies!!

Scooters StockingAccording to daddy, some big old bloke dressed all in red called Santa, came into our home during the middle of the night and put
these pressies there for little me. Don't get me wrong, I like the pressies, but I don't think anybody climbed down our chimney, and then snuck around our home to leave them. 1) We don't have a chimney, and 2) me's would have heard him. Daddy's pulling my paw, but me don't mind as long as I get pressies!!

Scooters StockingSo me got the stocking thingie, it was full to the top with lots of pressies, me got a new froggie that squeeks, me got a nice new coat, some new chew sticks (moo moos and cheese flavor) and a box of liver treats, yummy !!!! For the rest of the day daddy and I played together all day. Yeaaahhh me want it to be Christmas forever, well maybe except for the Santa thing, that's just weird, and if I ever see him, me gonna bite his bum

Sunday, December 10, 2006

weeeee fun day out

Yesterday was a cool day, daddy got me up and took me for a walk in the freezing cold!
The lake behind our home was all covered in this weird cold hard stuff, where the water
used be. Me not sure what was going on there but it was weird. Did me mention it was c old?!?!

Later on, daddy put me in the car and we went for a long drive, normally when we go in the
car we either go to the doggie park :-D , or the vet :-(
But this time it was somewhere else, it was a long drive, like a whole 30 minutes. Daddy cursed
a couple of times as he got lost finding where we were going. Then we got there, some place
called Happy Tails Dog Spa. It was soo
great, lots of other dogs all running around and playing, daddy said I was there for an interviews
and I got to play with all different dogs of different sizes. Daddy said I passed the interview and
can go back for an entire day!! Woo hoo me so looking forward to it!.

happy xmas from scooterThens we went and met up with Uncle Daves, and he spent the evening taking photos of me and daddy. We went into the Reston town center, and we took some photos by the big Christmas tree. Lots of people were there and they all said hello to me. Hee hee, it was fun, lots of girls and little kids wanted to say hello and pet me, they all liked my coat as well so it was cool.

Ahh I can't wait to go back to Reston town center and see all those peoples again, and I'm so looking forward to going to happy tails again!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

scooter got a girlfriend

Daddy took little me to the park on Saturday, it was a little cold so I wore my little jacket.
Normally the park is full of boring doggies. They usually run around lots, and I get tired and
go and dig a hole. But this day was different, first there was a really nice beagel who was small
like me, he was cool to play with.

Then two other sausage doggies like me turned up, they had jackets just like me, their hair was
longer than mine, and one was this really cute girl! Me pushed out my chest, and walked right up
and said hello, and then sniffed her bum. She was soo nice.

After a little talking and running around, me got the strangest urge and climbed up on her back, and started doing the same thing I do to daddies cushions. Hee hee, Daddy was annoyed, and pulled me off her. But she liked it.

Me hope me meet her again, she was so cool