Sunday, September 30, 2007

Me went to the doctors

Yesterdays, daddies took me to the doctors. Me don't understand why's me
wasn't feeling sicks. The doctors gaves me 4 injectsions, and told me that I was
too heavys. Mes only like 14 hounds, or whatevers. Me supposed to bes only 12 to 12 and a halfs.

Me don't like that, me thinks shes fat, and screw hers !
Next time, me'll pee all osers her.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mes a pumpkin

Scooter goes shoppingLast Sundays, daddy decided that mes needed to go shopping. Me hasn't been shopping in ages, and me loves going, coz me always gets to pick up a toy, and some chewies and other stuffs. So we gots up to petsmarts and me went running around the store looking for stuffs. Me got to pick out a new toy quack quacks to play with. It was cool it squeeked and me thoughts that would be cools to play with. Daddy also picked up some others stuffs and some chewies for me and Charley.

Me didn't look too closely at what daddy picked up, it's was something orange, and me didn't think about it too much. So we went home and met up with Charley at the doggie parks. It was cool we rans arounds and had fun.

Charley came home and we decided to play around at home for a little, Daddy and Samantha let us play on the balconys. There was squirrels outsides, and both Charley and I's stayed outside watching thems. Then Samantha grabbed me, and started to put something on mes. First my ears went through the hood, then she pulled like a t-shirts over mes. Next things I knows, me was a shagging pumpkins!
Scooter the pumpkinScooter the pumpkin

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Charley got a bloggie

Scooter Charley GraceyMy bestest friend in the whole wides world got a bloggie the others day. His mommy Samamamantha allowed him to get one. Charlie is another sausage puppy just like mes. But he's also taller to mes, and me thinks he's got a real daddy who's not a sausage doggie like us. Charlie has a sister called Gracie, Gracie is fun, and really girlie like. Me likes her. Charlies blog is at because he likes chicken just like mes :-D

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Doggie BBQ

It was labors day weekends, me have no idea what that is, but daddy didn't have to go to work, and we got to play together, yeaaaaaa!!!!
scooterAlso Scout (from the doggie park) threw a BBQ, it's where lots and lots of food is cooked, and we eats all the lefts overs. Samantha, Julie, Charlie, Gracey, and all the puppies from the parks was there. Scout has this huge huge yard, and all the doggies from teh doggie park was there. So we go to run around lots. Me kept looking for a way out, coz there's like trees all overs the place, and where there trees, there squirrels. But the entire place was wired off, so me couldn't get out. That is until we was leaving, Daddy had his hands full, and was trying to close the gate, but he dropped me's leash. This was mes chance. Me took offs running, straight for the trees, running running running, me was going to get those squirrels and nobodies going to stop me. Them Samantha caught me.
Daddy was angry at me, but he held me and didn't stay angry too long.
Me had a fun day.