Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scooter goes to school

Hmm, somethings different..Burrrr, it's cold, all this white stuff fell on the ground the other night, and daddy
took me out to play in it. It was fun for a little bit and really weird, but then it got cold
and my little paws and little tummy were freezing. So me turned around and went back
in home. Had to drag daddy in, he's so slow sometimes. Me ran upstairs had a big shake and wiggled my bum to get all the white stuff off.

This evening daddy and I went out for our walkies after din-dins, played a little, then the strangest thing. Daddy said to get ready we were going out again, daddy said I was going to go to school. Hmm, wonder what this was, we got into the car and headed off.
Soon we came to a big pet store, called emmm, petsmart, yeah, that was it. There were lots of people in there, and some more doggies of different sizes. They all said they were there to go to school too. Well except for this little shitzu, he didn't know what was happening. He thought he was getting a hair cut, silly doggie.
There was this really nice girl called Leslie, who was going to teach us, me knows most of this stuffs already, she just needs to teach daddy stuff. He not that smart, so she's got her works cut out for hers. Me was showing all the other doggies what to do, like jumping ups and downs when your told to "sit", and bark whens your waiting for your treats too long ! Me the bestest student evers, me going to graduate with honors!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Scooters Operation

Last Thursday Daddy gave me a really yummy din-dins, it was my favorite Caesars food, the one with the little white puppy on the front! Me was hungry a little later on, but daddy refused to
give me more food. What's wrong daddy? did me do something wrong? But he didn't say anything *humph*

The next morning, Daddy gets up early and takes a shower, he never does that, he gives me breakfast and takes me out for walkies first. Somethings weird here mes thought, he gave me a little walk to go potty, and then put me in the vroom vroom. Next thing I know we're at the vets.

Hmm, was it me's shots time again or something? We wents in, and daddy filled out some forms, me helped :-D A really pretty nurse came out, and she took me away from daddy, me wasn't happy me cried, me wants daddy!!

After a while, my doctor came in and looked at me, they put some injections in me and took some red stuff out of me, this was all weird. Later on, they came back in and gave me a shot, and me fell asleep. When me wokes up, me was sore, my mouth hurts, and my tummy and bum hurts. Me looked down at me tummy, something was not right, something was missing, They took my jiggly bits!!!!

Me was worried, but too sore to do anything, the nurse came back in and gave me some medicine to make me feel better. That night me stayed at the vets, it was scary, they're were other doggies there too, some had the same thing as me. They said it was better for me as I wouldn't get in trouble in the future.

The next morning, daddy came and collected me, me was so happy to see him, me crawled into his arms and hung on to him really tightly so he wouldn't let go. We went home and daddy took care of me, me still taking medicine to make the soreness go away. Me feeling lots better now, but me miss me jiggly bits :-(

**Daddy wrote something about the cost of scooters operation on his blog**