Monday, May 28, 2007

Me's all edumacated

Yeaaah I passedThis happend ages ago, but me forgot to post it. Remember me's was going to school a while agos and me was the best in school. Well me did exams and now me graduated, me now like professor scooter or somethings. Me much smarter than before, me even cleserer than daddy me reckons.
But that's ok, me'll teach daddy some things, but he's going to take a lot of training!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Me must play

Scooter vs RockeyDaddy has been taking me to the parks every evenings now. The weather is nice and warms, sometimes too warms for little me's. But it's great me plays with all the doggies.
Daddy brought some ropes to the doggie park, me not sure if me likes daddy bringing toys there coz we leaves the toys afters us, but I guess it's ok as I get to plays with other doggies. Me and Rocky were playing tugs-o-wars the other day.
Rocky is much bigger than me's, but me still beat him :-D

Me wanna drive!On the ways home me wanted to drive the car but daddy wouldn't lets me. He said I needed a license, stoopid daddy, me has a license, it's hanging around me necks. Daddy is forgets-full, but don't worries, me'll get the keys and drives the vroom vrooms one of these days when daddy's not watching! (hee hee)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Long time since me talks

It's been ages since me's done a posting, daddy got some bad news about his own daddy. Emm who I guess is my grandda. So he had to goes to his owns home in a far away country.

Daddy sent little me to Happy Tails, because me was playing there and he thought they's take care of me. But me missed daddy, the first day me just thought it was a play day, but daddy didn't come and collect me. Day after day after day, he didn't show up. Me didn't feel well, and didn't eat, the other doggies started picking on me, it was horrible :-(

Finally daddy came back and got me, and we went home together, but me still wasn't feeling good, daddy was tired me could tell, but he took me to the doctors who gave me more injections and x-rays and tablets and stuff. Yuck!

After that's daddy started spoiling me, he kept buying me pressies and taking me out more to the dog parks, and we played lots and lots. Me now feels soooo much better.

And me not the only one, daddy was saying grandda is feeling much better too.
All is good again!!