Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Daddy so doesn't get me

Daddy's stooopid, we've been together for like ages now, and he doesn't get
that I don't do rain !

Every day he brings me out to go potty, even when it's wet. Silly daddy puts
my coat on and we go out. He has to carry me down the stairs, they look scary
going down. Me a big boy now, and can climb all the way up them, but just not
down yet.

scooter @ the doggie parkThe other thing daddy doesn't get is that I like to dig, dig, dig and more dig *hee hee*, it kind of annoys him when we go to the doggie park, cause me plays with the other little doggies for about 20mins, then get bored of them and then dig. There's a tree in the park that's got my name on it!
When we goes walking around the lake at home, me sniffs all the trees, as the squirrels all bury stuff.

Recently daddy and I go out to the cafe, starbucks most weekends and
sit and have fun for ages. Lots of people come and say hello to me, and play with me.
Hee hee, I tend to attract the cute girls in the place.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Cyber buddies

So just looking through my posts and email, and found that I have
a couple of cyber buddies called Serafin and Rasputin, he belongs to a friend of daddy called Julio hernandez-miyares. So I send out a big cyber woof to both Rasputin and Serafin :-D

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Scooter goes to starbucks

Daddy and I started the day out by sleeping in late :-D
We both had breakfast, and I felt like sleeping in a little more.
I curled up on daddys lap as he was having breakfast, a little later
on daddy took me to the doggie parks.

We've been to the doggie park a couple of times now. It's cool because I get
to meet other doggies. Daddy makes sure I only play in the small doggie
side. Which sucks coz I wanna play with the big doggies their fun !! But daddy
says I'm too small :-(

scooter @ the doggie parkThere is a tree in the park that I love to dig around, I get a little bored running
after the other dogs, my legs are a little shorter and after a while it gets tiring.
Daddy gets a little annoyed that I perfer to dig than run around, but he'll learn :-D

Scooter's Blue Steel PoseAfterwards we decided to go to starbucks, starbucks is like this place to get coffee, toys and treats ! Lots of people came to pet me and play with me. It was cool, we sat there eat treats, I had chicken chips and daddy a muffin and a latte, me like lattes, they are really nice :-D

Lets see what we do tomorrow, hope it'll be more fun stuff