Wednesday, December 24, 2008

twas the nite before xmas

santa? And me was all excited, daddy was watching tv's but me was watchings for santas. Me met santa's like ages agos and had a little chat about what me wanted, and mes been good esers sinces. Me saws on the tv's this mornings that santas was in Russia's deliverings toys, and that's like 4833.2 miles a-pox-imat-ie, and it takes me halfs and hours to walk around the lakes, so that means it would take santas 1 years and 3 months to walks heres... Daddy get the cars, we's gonna go to Russia and gis santa a rides!

bath before santa comesDaddy then tolds me needs to has a baths coz me was all stinkys and daddy said me has to be clean for santas to comes. Otherwises santas not gonna stays and mes not going to get mes pressies. So me gots all wets and sudsies, and mes leaves all mes dirts and old hairs all around the bath for daddy to cleans hee hee.

quick napSo mes all cleans now and gonna goes for a naps, and wait for santas to comes. And me promises not to bite hims in the bums.

So eseryones has a happy holidays
scootie claus

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Me met santa today

Daddy told mes to get ready to go out to the doggie parks,
me hasnt been going there much coz it's cold and darks earlys.
Me got dressed really warms, me puts on me shirts, and mes winter
coat, it's the fluffy wooly sheepie ones, and me was all ready to goes.

IMG_6230When we goes into the parks, an old friend of mine scout's mommy gave me a red collar thingie with bells on it. So me looked all christmassy, and me jingles all the ways. Me ran around and saw all the other doggies, and was hasing a great time. And then it all got like lots and lots betters cause someone turned up and and and like surprised us!!!

IMG_6382It was sannna !! Sannnananna, me luvs santa coz santa gis mes pressies at christmas. This year me whispered to santa what me wants, its something really specials that I misses, and that i cry about lots. me hopes it comes trues, so me can has a wonderfuls christmas eserybodys. jingle jingle all the ways oh what fun we has an an and plays... me don't know the words to that songs... oh wells, me tired now, from playings lots, nites nites.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Lots have happeneds

It's kind a been sad recentlys, daddy and mommys not getting on anymores,
and me don't know whys. Daddy says its just daddy and me for nows-
I donts knows what that means, me just hopes daddy and mommys makes things betters.
Mes misses mes familes :-(

i'm as big as him !Mes been doings lots of travels recentlys, saws somes blokes called Tea-a-doors roses-belts or somethings, he wasn't too interesting, me peed on hims hee hee. But me did gets to sees lots of trees and squirrels and trees and stuffs. It was cools, and me was really tireds when mes got homes, so me slepts all days and didn't wanna goes the next days but daddy mades me goes walkies.

Me wants daddy to buys me a computers all ofs my owns, as you can sees me has to shares with daddy, but its oks for now, but me wants me owns. Me things eseryones should tell daddys to get mes a computer all fors mes.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Mes & Daddy together for 2 years !

Mes just remembered that mes and daddys been together for nearly 2 whole years now.
When me was a puppys daddys came and founds me in a stores when I was just 3 months olds.
I was stayings in the stores with my brothers and 1 sister, but me wanted a homes, me missed me mommys and me wanted somewheres to call homes.

It was weirds though, cause daddys cames into the stores, and saws mes, and we played togethers, me thoughts he was going to takes em homes right theres and thens.
He lefts me theres, I was soooo sads me cried all nights. The next days though daddys cames back, and played with mes again. This times, I knews betters, and jumps up and grabs his sleves and would not lets goes.

Actual sizeThat works cause he brought mes homes with hims, and we's been togethers evers sinces!
Back thens though me was a small puppies, me didn't knows much or has many friends, daddy boughts me lots of toys and played with mes. And he broughts me out on walkies and thought mes how to goes wees and poops outsides (me must admits though, me not always do it) hee heee.

Need sleep :-(Not everys things went so wells thoughs, the first weekends there, me got sicks :-( Mes was coughings *coughs coughs* me couldn't moves from the sofas. Daddy stayed with me, and looked asters mes the entire times, and took me to the doctors. Me had something called kennel coughs, me also has weird wormy things coming out of me butts, but daddy gots some medicines and made me alls betters.

stretchingDaddys taughts me how to use the 'puters, and writes this blogs, and nows me alls grown ups, and out explorings the worlds or at least Restons. Me not allowed to run aways any mores...
Me knows what dindins is, me knows what squirrels ares, me luvs squirrels me chase them all days if me coulds. Mes run and played in the snows, and mes played in the grass, and mes goes to the doggie parks all the times too. Mes got lots of friends theres. It's cool.

samantha charley scooterLast years, me met mes new mommys, and mes bestest friend in the whole worlds. Mes sometimes calles mes mommys Samananananthas and mes bestest friends is Charleys. Samananananthas and Daddys spends lots of times togethers, me don't knows why, they should spends that times with me and Charleys.
But anyways we has lots of funs togethers and are happies puppies.

Me luvs mes families, and can't wait for more years to spends with thems !!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daddys going aways

Wanna be meerkatDaddys told me yesterdays that he's going aways on holidays without mes.
Mes was a little shocked and surprized as you can see from the fotos. Daddy how could your leaves me at homes all on my owns, but then he told mes it was oks, as I would be having my own kind of holidays with Charleys. Yeaaaaaahhhh Charleys and I's not stayed together in ages, not since Samanamanamanathas wents aways on her holidays.. (She says it was works, but me noses betters) :-D

So watches this spots, me's hopes to updates yous on hows mes holidays with Charleys

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happys birthdaz to mes

samantha charley scooterMes turned all ofs two years old last Fridays. Daddys said i is a big boys nows and
alls growns ups. Sillies daddys mes been growns up for like ages nows. Mes been sooooooo
busies latelys, me's gone to a dachshunds meets up at a places called a winery with Samananananthas and Charleys and Daddys the others week.

a happy scooterIt was lots of funs, we got to runs arounds and meets other doxies, and plays in the grass. Me gets to wiggles and giggles a lot, hee hee hees.
Me lay under the tables as well while Daddy and Samanananananthas had some lunch, me
made sures theys gives Charleys and mes lunch toos, we's not going hungrys. No tummy rumbles heres!!! Afters a longs days wes all went homes, and slepts.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reston Pet Festival

Esery years, there's a pet festival in Restons, near my homes.
Daddy decided to takes mes this years, last years it was rainings so I didn't go. This year Charley, Gracie and Me all went. It was cool, there was doggies of everys kind there. Big un's, ickle un's even somes so small, they was smaller than mes. We met up with a friend of daddys as well called Mandi. She was fun, even though she did has any treats for mes hee hee :-)

It was really hot there, so hot me went and lay down in the shade unders one of the tents. All the people in the tents thought I looked cute, but me was too hot and tired to look cutes for thems.

Laters ons, we all wents for drinks at starbucks, Samantha tried to make me drink waters but mes scooter, me prefers a frappuccino. So when daddy wasn't looking me drank some of his. Me kept licking the straws until it cames out and it had all the nice creams on it. It was just right :-D

Next day though me poopies was a little loose, but that's ok, daddy is the one who has to clean it's up :-D

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Me misses Charleys

Charleys mes bestest friend in the worlds esers.
But for the past fews weeks me hasn't seen much of hims, he's been staying with
his sister gracie at his nana & ganddas.

sleepingSo me's been sleeping on mes own.

hey guys, whats up?Mes had to go to the doggie park on mes own.

the great escapeMes even thought of trying to escapes and goes looking for charleys

Me's misses you charley, comes back soon !!

look into my eyes

Monday, February 18, 2008

Yeaaaa day at the doggie park

Daddy's been able to take mes to the doggie parks more and more since the weathers
been getting betters. Todays me's went and it was nice and warms, so me didn't sivers.
There was lots of little doggies there today who all wanted to plays.

What the hell happened to your fur?One of the doggies was weird looking, he didn't has any furs, he was totally balds!!!
Me don't know what was ups with him, but he was cool to plays withs. Mes played with him for a while, but me wonders hows the heck he keeps warms when it snows. Me don't like the snows, or the rains, or when it's cold. Me's little, and all the colds, and rains and snows goes up to my tummy, and me freezes, so me makes daddy takes me homes.

Scooter the flying dachshund !But todays was nice and warms, me rans arounds so fast the me thinks me almost flews. Ifs I flaps my ears fast enoughs me reckons me be able to takes offs, and catch all those squirrels in the trees. Hee hees, see you soons squirrelies !!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy news years

Daddy's been busy on the puters so me not's had a chance to write up mes blog.
So happys new years!
Me had a quiet Christmas, Santa cames again and brought mes a huge bone for mes
to chew, it's like 3 times biggers than mes. Charleys stayed overs for the holidays too so wes got to play all the times, Charleys ears are ouchies, he's got likes yeast and stuff in thems and they makes him shakes his heads so much hes ears bleeds :-(

Me feels sorrys for hims and mes does what mes can to help hims out, and looks afters him.
Charleys and mes went to Samanthas house for Christmas days, where Samanthas and Daddy had turkey dinners, we wanted it sooo much, coz turkey is like a big huge chicken. And wes both loves chicken !! mmmmmchicken (hee hee). But wes got a Ceasers turkey and graveys dinner and that made us happy!
It was nice this years coz daddy didn't has to go to works, and looked afters Charley and mes and played lots with us. Me didn't get to go to the doggie parks, but daddy said when the day is longers he'll start taking mes back so I can meet all my friends agains !

Me hopes Charleys gets betters soon, coz right now he looks like a lampshade hee hee, poor Charley. The doctors said it could take 3 weeks for him to gets betters. He says he doesn't feels too bad, but is practicing his sad looks so he can get more stuffs from his mommy, hee hee, Charley is sneakys at times. Mes got to try that with daddy.