Sunday, June 06, 2010

Scootie wants a motor bikes

Not so lone riderScootie was taking daddy out for a walkies the others days, and we saw somethings really cools!
A big puppy on a motors bikes! The bikes went brrr vrooms vrooms, and the big puppy jumps up on its and it vrooms agains.. Me wanna do that's, daddy says I's too small and he can't rides a motors bikes, well shits daddy ifs they can teach monkies to drives space ships then you can learn to ride a motors bikes !

Daddy said mes wasn't allowed to watch the discovery channels again...

Recently daddys been going to the doctors esery week, getting lots & lots of needles put in hims, he says its cause hes not feeling wells. Me said it was good for hims cause esery year daddy takes scooties to the doctors and gets a big needles in his bums! Daddy says he may has to take some times offs soon and maybe has a doctors do an operations on him... Gulps last time me had an operations daddy they's took my balls !! Daddy says hes gonna find someones to help take cares ofs me, but mes all growns up, and can look asters meself.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daddy says we may has to find a new homes...

Biggest puddles esers!Scootie hasn'ts been talkies on the inteernets in ages, me just didn't feel like it's.
But me thought me'd say hellos to anyones out theres.
A fews weekends agos daddy tooks me to the biggest puddles in the worlds esers, it's weird, me usually knows puddles comes asters rains, but it didn't rains. So me all confused me don't knows where it cames froms... There was another big puddles where we used lives, but it wasn't as bigs as this. Me miss that puddles, me used walks by it's and barks at all the squirrels and the quack quacks, theres no squirrels or quack quacks heres.

Daddy saids to me that we should talks, the last times he said that he didn't has good news, me was worried. When scootie worried his head gets all winkles. Daddy said we's probably gonna moves, and get a new homes somewheres. Me just moves heres, me doesn't has too many friends likes me dids at our first homes, but me was making friends. Daddy said he was sozzies but we just has to get readys...
Contemplating sausage