Monday, September 08, 2008

Mes & Daddy together for 2 years !

Mes just remembered that mes and daddys been together for nearly 2 whole years now.
When me was a puppys daddys came and founds me in a stores when I was just 3 months olds.
I was stayings in the stores with my brothers and 1 sister, but me wanted a homes, me missed me mommys and me wanted somewheres to call homes.

It was weirds though, cause daddys cames into the stores, and saws mes, and we played togethers, me thoughts he was going to takes em homes right theres and thens.
He lefts me theres, I was soooo sads me cried all nights. The next days though daddys cames back, and played with mes again. This times, I knews betters, and jumps up and grabs his sleves and would not lets goes.

Actual sizeThat works cause he brought mes homes with hims, and we's been togethers evers sinces!
Back thens though me was a small puppies, me didn't knows much or has many friends, daddy boughts me lots of toys and played with mes. And he broughts me out on walkies and thought mes how to goes wees and poops outsides (me must admits though, me not always do it) hee heee.

Need sleep :-(Not everys things went so wells thoughs, the first weekends there, me got sicks :-( Mes was coughings *coughs coughs* me couldn't moves from the sofas. Daddy stayed with me, and looked asters mes the entire times, and took me to the doctors. Me had something called kennel coughs, me also has weird wormy things coming out of me butts, but daddy gots some medicines and made me alls betters.

stretchingDaddys taughts me how to use the 'puters, and writes this blogs, and nows me alls grown ups, and out explorings the worlds or at least Restons. Me not allowed to run aways any mores...
Me knows what dindins is, me knows what squirrels ares, me luvs squirrels me chase them all days if me coulds. Mes run and played in the snows, and mes played in the grass, and mes goes to the doggie parks all the times too. Mes got lots of friends theres. It's cool.

samantha charley scooterLast years, me met mes new mommys, and mes bestest friend in the whole worlds. Mes sometimes calles mes mommys Samananananthas and mes bestest friends is Charleys. Samananananthas and Daddys spends lots of times togethers, me don't knows why, they should spends that times with me and Charleys.
But anyways we has lots of funs togethers and are happies puppies.

Me luvs mes families, and can't wait for more years to spends with thems !!!!