Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Scooter vs. Squirrel

Yesterday I was going for my evening walk around the lake, when I saw something weird
it was gray, furry, and about my size. It was sitting upright, eating nuts with it's front paws!

Evil Squirrel
I also saw it had been burring nuts by one of my play trees (ok all the trees are my play trees). I looked at daddy, who said it was a squirrel. I looked at the squirrel, then at daddy, then back at the squirrel. This tree isn't big enough for both of us.

I moved towards the tree, and then so did the squirrel. Hmm wasn't expecting that, so I went behind daddys legs to make sure he was ok and that I was going to protect him from back there. Daddy laughed and we went on our way.

Next time squirrel, you won't be laughing, me'll bite your furry bum !!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Feeling All better Again !!!

Got over my cough, with help from the Doctors at the Hospital.
Daddy took me back last Friday and I got another set of shots :-(
One more set to go in 3 weeks time. Grrrr

Scooter Outdoors
This weekend, little old me and daddy spent the weekend together playing.
We went out walking lots ! met lots of new friends like YingLing, Scholtzy, and others.Daddy decided not to let me play too much with the other doggies until I get my final set of
vaccinations. So in protest, I have laid down the lay in the apartment, anything I like, sniff, chew, or wanna chew is mine ! Hee hee those shoes look ripe for the taking :-)

Daddy was talking about taking me out to get coffee with him, and meet folks. That'll be nice.
He introduced me to Uncle Dave yesterday, and said soon I should meet Aunty Mandi. Hmmm I don't know about that, Uncle Dave nearly stepped on me a couple of times, will have to see.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trip to the doctors

So we went to the doctor again yesterday. I was feeling a little better but daddy wanted to make sure I was ok. When the doctor saw me, I guess I was a little scared because I didn't cough once. The nurse stuck something weird up my bum and said my temperature was inside the normal range.

If she does that again, she's going to have a sore paw when I bite her !!

The doctor took one look at me, started listening to me breath and then pulled on my skin, appearently she was able to tell that I was dehydrated. The doctor and nurse took me into the back room, gave me a horrible big needle in my back and put this weird fluid in me. It left a huge bump on my back. Then they gave me a b12 injection. I tried to be brave but cried out to daddy to come and save me. He couldn't :-( so I got my revenge by weeing on the carpet when I got home :-D. The doctor and nurse then gave me this white stuff in a dropper, that tasted funny, they gave daddy the bottle to take home and give it to me there too.

Then last night I was just exausted, daddy again made a bed for me on the sofa and we snuggled up for a little while I was coughing. This morning I felt much better, but I know I'm going to have to go back to the vets again this week for a check up :-/

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Still not feeling well

Me was coughing all night, daddy kept me warm and safe with him on the sofa.
Today I just couldn't get out of bed, but it was cool, daddy wrapped me up in a blanket
to keep me warm.

Normally when daddy goes out, he puts me in the crate or the kitchen but this time
because I was so sick, he left me on the sofa in my little made up bed. I didn't feel like

Sleeping in my bedDaddy popped out to go to the store, and to the pet store to tell them I had kennel cough :-(
They told him to call the boss of the store on Monday, and they wanted me to starting seeing
their vets because this sometimes happens to their other puppies. When daddy came home
I had a little #1 accident on the carpet, it was a weird #1 but daddy cleaned it up, and then I
started feeling just a little better. Daddy sat out on the balcony with me for a couple of hours
just so I could get some fresh air. After that I felt a lot better, but still not great.
I took a little food daddy hand feed me, and then we went outside for a little walk.
Not very far, I didn't feel up to it. Daddy brought me home and I went back to bed. I hope I feel
better soon :-(

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Me Not feeling well

Today is Saturday, was looking forward to spending the weekend playing with daddy.
But somethings wrong, I just feel terrible, I don't want to go out and I've started coughing.

Need sleep :-(
Tonight daddy decided to stay with me all night, I was coughing so much I was frightened.
But daddy made 2 little beds on the sofa one for me and one for him. Mine was made out of
my nice new orange blankie.

I spent the night coughing, and throw up once and went potty as well, but daddy took care of it all
and just hugged me to make me feel better. *cough, cough* :-(

Friday, September 15, 2006

A trip to the Vet

Hmmm, today daddy took me to the Vet in Reston Animal Hospital.
The last time I was there, the lady doctor gave me some injections, which weren't nice. Hope
it doesn't happen again !

This time, it was different, daddy had a 'sample' of my work for the doc, and told
them I needed some worming, they looked at me, and weighed me, I'm a full 6.2 lbs !
The doc game me some tablets for the wormies, and gave me an appointment thingie
for next week for more vaccinations. Uh-oh that means more injections :-(

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A happy daddy

So daddy and I are getting to know each other, and one of the important things
to know, is that puppies go to the bathroom. I'm still young, and finding my way
and daddy is really cool about it, if I make a mess in the apartment, he fixes it up
cleans me up and every thing is cool!

Lake in RestonEvery day daddy takes me walkies around the lake. Couple of times a day, it's pretty cool because I get to meet other doggies, and play with them. And daddy gets to meet girls, who keep coming up to me and calling me cute. Now and
then daddy asks why can't I sniff out the single ones with a big smile :-D

Today though, I really needed to go, we had been walking for a little, and I needed to do a #2.
Normally I prefer the carpet, it's nice and warm, but when in a push, you got to go, when you got to go. Daddy didn't mind, in fact he was over the moon, he cleaned it up again. Don't know
why we were out doors! But we gave me lots of hugs and praise !

Got to remember to do that again sometime, but still the carpet is nice :-D

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Hello world !
My name is scooter, and I'm a digital doggie :-)
My daddy brought me home from the pet store on the 11th of September 2006.
I was nearly 3 months old, playing with my brother and 2 sisters in the store, when
daddy saw me for the first time. He played with me for a little, and then left. I was
so sad :-(

But then the next night, daddy came back and played with me some more, this time
he took me home with him, and so begins the adventures of scooter !