Monday, February 19, 2007

Save me Daddy!!!

Me and Daddy went out walkies today, and he left me off my leash to run arounds. Me ran around and saw some tweeties me wanted to chase. They's always fun, you get close to them
and they runs away in the air !!

So me also went around the little pier, and made it hard for daddy to catch up to me. It was
really colds, and there was lots of snows on the ground. Daddy got me little booties which means
me don't get pains in my paws from the snows again.

But while me was running, something was going wrong, me was down the side of the path near
the lake. Me was trying to run forwards, but it wasn't working, me started going sideways, and then backwards. Me was slipping on the ice and couldn't get out. Me called for Daddy, me was
so scared, me started to cry. :-(

Daddy couldn't reach me at first, so he had to climb down the side of the path, and he started to
slip on the snow and ice toos. But after a while he got me!

Daddy pushed me ups on the path and me was saved! Me was soo happy me rans off to chase more tweeters. Strange daddy didn't follow me for ages. Me thinks he had trouble getting back on the path. After a while he caught up to me, and we went homes. Me don't like the snows any more, it's not funs when your stuck and slipping on it. :-<

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Scooter gets a package

My packageDaddy called me Saturday while I was hasing a nap, to tell me I had a package. Emm daddy me a puppy, a) what's a package? b) who's going to send me a puppy a package? But daddy showed me this brown envelope, it was for me alright, it had a picture of a puppy on the front of it. So me opened it, and it had 2 things, it had this really nice little card from a person called Alison, and that had a picture of a puppy on it, me like it. And the second thing was a weird black thing with little paws on it.

I'm a good looking puppyWhat's this daddy? it looks lovesly, but me don't know what it is? Daddy took it, and put it on me, daddy said it looked like a waist coat on me. It turns out this was a harness, me's been really needing a new one, the old one was too small for me and the last on wasn't fitting me at alls well. This one was perfects. Turns out daddy got it specially made for me, from a place called, it was just perfects, fitted me like a glove, and the thingie daddy puts the lease on was at just the right place, so it didn't hurts when me runs faster than daddy. Me loves it daddy, thankies !!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Uh-oh me in trouble

Me's in trouble, daddys been annoyed with me recently, it started recently when
me started liking daddies laptop bag. It's cool, it's got like an apple mac and evers thing.
Me kind of chewed a couple of cables, daddy wasn't happy about that..

Me then stole some blue chewie cable and he was annoyed again, then this morning, daddy said
that I had to give him his sock back or I wouldn't get breakfast. I mean ok, me like smelly socks
they's fun, it's not to enough to scare me by telling me he won't feed me, that's just bad daddy!

Hmm, maybe me shouldn't alert him to the fact me chewed through his xbox controller cable,
he's gonna beat my bum when he finds out :'(
What should me do?