Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reston Pet Festival

Esery years, there's a pet festival in Restons, near my homes.
Daddy decided to takes mes this years, last years it was rainings so I didn't go. This year Charley, Gracie and Me all went. It was cool, there was doggies of everys kind there. Big un's, ickle un's even somes so small, they was smaller than mes. We met up with a friend of daddys as well called Mandi. She was fun, even though she did has any treats for mes hee hee :-)

It was really hot there, so hot me went and lay down in the shade unders one of the tents. All the people in the tents thought I looked cute, but me was too hot and tired to look cutes for thems.

Laters ons, we all wents for drinks at starbucks, Samantha tried to make me drink waters but mes scooter, me prefers a frappuccino. So when daddy wasn't looking me drank some of his. Me kept licking the straws until it cames out and it had all the nice creams on it. It was just right :-D

Next day though me poopies was a little loose, but that's ok, daddy is the one who has to clean it's up :-D