Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happys birthdaz to mes

samantha charley scooterMes turned all ofs two years old last Fridays. Daddys said i is a big boys nows and
alls growns ups. Sillies daddys mes been growns up for like ages nows. Mes been sooooooo
busies latelys, me's gone to a dachshunds meets up at a places called a winery with Samananananthas and Charleys and Daddys the others week.

a happy scooterIt was lots of funs, we got to runs arounds and meets other doxies, and plays in the grass. Me gets to wiggles and giggles a lot, hee hee hees.
Me lay under the tables as well while Daddy and Samanananananthas had some lunch, me
made sures theys gives Charleys and mes lunch toos, we's not going hungrys. No tummy rumbles heres!!! Afters a longs days wes all went homes, and slepts.