Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy news years

Daddy's been busy on the puters so me not's had a chance to write up mes blog.
So happys new years!
Me had a quiet Christmas, Santa cames again and brought mes a huge bone for mes
to chew, it's like 3 times biggers than mes. Charleys stayed overs for the holidays too so wes got to play all the times, Charleys ears are ouchies, he's got likes yeast and stuff in thems and they makes him shakes his heads so much hes ears bleeds :-(

Me feels sorrys for hims and mes does what mes can to help hims out, and looks afters him.
Charleys and mes went to Samanthas house for Christmas days, where Samanthas and Daddy had turkey dinners, we wanted it sooo much, coz turkey is like a big huge chicken. And wes both loves chicken !! mmmmmchicken (hee hee). But wes got a Ceasers turkey and graveys dinner and that made us happy!
It was nice this years coz daddy didn't has to go to works, and looked afters Charley and mes and played lots with us. Me didn't get to go to the doggie parks, but daddy said when the day is longers he'll start taking mes back so I can meet all my friends agains !

Me hopes Charleys gets betters soon, coz right now he looks like a lampshade hee hee, poor Charley. The doctors said it could take 3 weeks for him to gets betters. He says he doesn't feels too bad, but is practicing his sad looks so he can get more stuffs from his mommy, hee hee, Charley is sneakys at times. Mes got to try that with daddy.