Saturday, October 21, 2006

Scooters big day out

Now that I have all my injections and stuff, Daddy is taking me out more.
He lets me off the leash during our morning walkies, and we play a little ball.

Today daddy took me to get the nails on my paws cut. They were a bit over grown
and kind of annoying. Daddy didn't want to do it himself because he didn't wanna
hurt me, so he took me to the groomers. The groomer was this nice old man who showed
daddy what to do the next time. But the groomer cut some of my nails too close :-(
it hurt a little, but i was brave, and i didn't cry much. I snuck into daddys coat
as he was holding me, and he made things all better !

Then we went to starbucks, where we had something called Joe!
We sat outside and lots of people came to play with me's, it was fun :-)

Doggie park
Then daddy took me somewhere for a pressie because I was such a good boy. We went
to the doggie park in Reston. There I got to play with other small doggies. Some kids
were around and one of them keps trying to pick me up, which neither daddy or I liked. Still we played with other doggies, daddy said I was a really good boy and we both can't wait till I goes back :-)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Me like licking

Daddy was lying on the sofa this evening, so me decided to play
with him. He should be playing with me, I'm a good puppy. I let him
have a whole 9 hours to go to work, and all I ask for is someone to clean
up after me, feed me, and play with me ! Daddy should consider himself lucky.

Lots of licks !So I jumped up on the sofa, and crawl up to daddy, and I gis him lots of
licks! It lets him know I like him. But he didn't like it :-(
Silly daddy, scooter licks are the coolest things in the world ever!
Hee hee, might have something to do with me farting on him too hee hee.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hyper Scooter

Me did something kind of bold. Daddy was in the bathroom, and I was
in the sitting room. When the packet of puppy snacks fell off the shelf O:-)

So once it was on the floor, I snuck over to it, and tore it all up. I ate
what was left in the bag, a half a bag of chicken chips, yummmy !!! :-)

But then me spent the night running around, so full of energy, daddy was
annoyed, but what's a puppy to do. So at 3 am in the morning, me felt tired
and finally fell asleep.

Daddy was evil this morning, and made me get up at 7am to go walkies, I protested
and would only go on a small walks. Me was really exausted, and needed more
sleep time, daddy was laughing at me. Poo on daddy !

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Must chew everything !!

Seriously ScooterMy teeths have been annoying me recently, and the only way I get some relief is
to chew. Daddy's gotten me lots of rubber toys and these yummy stick things to chew.
But I've got diverse taste. So daddys shoe laces, letters, and more recently the cord
or daddys iron that was hanging down the other days.

Hee hee, me knows it drives him nuts, but me needs to chew!