Monday, October 29, 2007

Yeaaahhhh Halloween party

Daddy dressed me up in my pumpkin outfits again, and we went out for a drives.
Me was all embarrassed, me hoped nobodies would see me dressed as a pumpkins.
Well we ended up drivings to the doggie park, me though oh crap all the guys is
going to see me like this :-(

scooter & charleyBut it was okies, they's all dressed up toos! There was doggie treats, and rubber chickens, and like lots of cool stuffs everywheres. Charley and Gracie were theres, Charley came dressed as a fisher mans, and Gracie came as a lioness or somethings, me not sures. But she looked prettys.

Daddy tooks lots of fotos ofs us, and has put thems up for peoples to see
Reston Dog Park Halloween Party 2007. Which is cools. All the other doggies were wearing funny costumes. Rocky came as a fire-doggie, coz he likes fire trucks and stuffs. Me not sure what Simon was, me thinks it was a moo cows or somethings. There was a spidermans puppy, and snow whites puppy, and lots ofs others too. It was lots of funs.

That was until there was a problems with duffys, where he bit Charley's grand-da :-(
He had to leaves and go to the hospitals, daddys tolds me ages ago nevers to bite someones, and me listens and nesers has. But Charley's grand-da will be okies, he's got some medications to help hims.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Me went to the doctors

Yesterdays, daddies took me to the doctors. Me don't understand why's me
wasn't feeling sicks. The doctors gaves me 4 injectsions, and told me that I was
too heavys. Mes only like 14 hounds, or whatevers. Me supposed to bes only 12 to 12 and a halfs.

Me don't like that, me thinks shes fat, and screw hers !
Next time, me'll pee all osers her.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mes a pumpkin

Scooter goes shoppingLast Sundays, daddy decided that mes needed to go shopping. Me hasn't been shopping in ages, and me loves going, coz me always gets to pick up a toy, and some chewies and other stuffs. So we gots up to petsmarts and me went running around the store looking for stuffs. Me got to pick out a new toy quack quacks to play with. It was cool it squeeked and me thoughts that would be cools to play with. Daddy also picked up some others stuffs and some chewies for me and Charley.

Me didn't look too closely at what daddy picked up, it's was something orange, and me didn't think about it too much. So we went home and met up with Charley at the doggie parks. It was cool we rans arounds and had fun.

Charley came home and we decided to play around at home for a little, Daddy and Samantha let us play on the balconys. There was squirrels outsides, and both Charley and I's stayed outside watching thems. Then Samantha grabbed me, and started to put something on mes. First my ears went through the hood, then she pulled like a t-shirts over mes. Next things I knows, me was a shagging pumpkins!
Scooter the pumpkinScooter the pumpkin

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Charley got a bloggie

Scooter Charley GraceyMy bestest friend in the whole wides world got a bloggie the others day. His mommy Samamamantha allowed him to get one. Charlie is another sausage puppy just like mes. But he's also taller to mes, and me thinks he's got a real daddy who's not a sausage doggie like us. Charlie has a sister called Gracie, Gracie is fun, and really girlie like. Me likes her. Charlies blog is at because he likes chicken just like mes :-D

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Doggie BBQ

It was labors day weekends, me have no idea what that is, but daddy didn't have to go to work, and we got to play together, yeaaaaaa!!!!
scooterAlso Scout (from the doggie park) threw a BBQ, it's where lots and lots of food is cooked, and we eats all the lefts overs. Samantha, Julie, Charlie, Gracey, and all the puppies from the parks was there. Scout has this huge huge yard, and all the doggies from teh doggie park was there. So we go to run around lots. Me kept looking for a way out, coz there's like trees all overs the place, and where there trees, there squirrels. But the entire place was wired off, so me couldn't get out. That is until we was leaving, Daddy had his hands full, and was trying to close the gate, but he dropped me's leash. This was mes chance. Me took offs running, straight for the trees, running running running, me was going to get those squirrels and nobodies going to stop me. Them Samantha caught me.
Daddy was angry at me, but he held me and didn't stay angry too long.
Me had a fun day.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Me's got new friends

Lately daddy's been spending time with Samantha, who's this really cool girl that me introduced daddy to at the doggie park. Me figured they'd like each others and me was right. :-D

Scooter Charley GraceySamantha has a puppy called Charley, he's just a kid but me plays with him anyways, he's got a sister called Gracey, who's pretty cool she lives with Samanthas sister Juile and her parents. Charley and I spend time at each others home, I let him play with my toys and he lets me steel his bones. Charley and Gracey are my bestest friends now, and we play all the time togethers. :-)

Scooter CharleyEverys now and thens me and Charley has a little disagreement about stuffs, like who gets the chewie now, and who's turn is it to play with the toys. He's a puppy and has to learns his place, me have to say though, me loves playing with Samantha, she's much nicer to little mes than Daddy, she doesn't tell me off or anythings, daddy is always saying me got to stop chewing on his shoes or something silly like thats.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Me's all edumacated

Yeaaah I passedThis happend ages ago, but me forgot to post it. Remember me's was going to school a while agos and me was the best in school. Well me did exams and now me graduated, me now like professor scooter or somethings. Me much smarter than before, me even cleserer than daddy me reckons.
But that's ok, me'll teach daddy some things, but he's going to take a lot of training!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Me must play

Scooter vs RockeyDaddy has been taking me to the parks every evenings now. The weather is nice and warms, sometimes too warms for little me's. But it's great me plays with all the doggies.
Daddy brought some ropes to the doggie park, me not sure if me likes daddy bringing toys there coz we leaves the toys afters us, but I guess it's ok as I get to plays with other doggies. Me and Rocky were playing tugs-o-wars the other day.
Rocky is much bigger than me's, but me still beat him :-D

Me wanna drive!On the ways home me wanted to drive the car but daddy wouldn't lets me. He said I needed a license, stoopid daddy, me has a license, it's hanging around me necks. Daddy is forgets-full, but don't worries, me'll get the keys and drives the vroom vrooms one of these days when daddy's not watching! (hee hee)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Long time since me talks

It's been ages since me's done a posting, daddy got some bad news about his own daddy. Emm who I guess is my grandda. So he had to goes to his owns home in a far away country.

Daddy sent little me to Happy Tails, because me was playing there and he thought they's take care of me. But me missed daddy, the first day me just thought it was a play day, but daddy didn't come and collect me. Day after day after day, he didn't show up. Me didn't feel well, and didn't eat, the other doggies started picking on me, it was horrible :-(

Finally daddy came back and got me, and we went home together, but me still wasn't feeling good, daddy was tired me could tell, but he took me to the doctors who gave me more injections and x-rays and tablets and stuff. Yuck!

After that's daddy started spoiling me, he kept buying me pressies and taking me out more to the dog parks, and we played lots and lots. Me now feels soooo much better.

And me not the only one, daddy was saying grandda is feeling much better too.
All is good again!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Save me Daddy!!!

Me and Daddy went out walkies today, and he left me off my leash to run arounds. Me ran around and saw some tweeties me wanted to chase. They's always fun, you get close to them
and they runs away in the air !!

So me also went around the little pier, and made it hard for daddy to catch up to me. It was
really colds, and there was lots of snows on the ground. Daddy got me little booties which means
me don't get pains in my paws from the snows again.

But while me was running, something was going wrong, me was down the side of the path near
the lake. Me was trying to run forwards, but it wasn't working, me started going sideways, and then backwards. Me was slipping on the ice and couldn't get out. Me called for Daddy, me was
so scared, me started to cry. :-(

Daddy couldn't reach me at first, so he had to climb down the side of the path, and he started to
slip on the snow and ice toos. But after a while he got me!

Daddy pushed me ups on the path and me was saved! Me was soo happy me rans off to chase more tweeters. Strange daddy didn't follow me for ages. Me thinks he had trouble getting back on the path. After a while he caught up to me, and we went homes. Me don't like the snows any more, it's not funs when your stuck and slipping on it. :-<

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Scooter gets a package

My packageDaddy called me Saturday while I was hasing a nap, to tell me I had a package. Emm daddy me a puppy, a) what's a package? b) who's going to send me a puppy a package? But daddy showed me this brown envelope, it was for me alright, it had a picture of a puppy on the front of it. So me opened it, and it had 2 things, it had this really nice little card from a person called Alison, and that had a picture of a puppy on it, me like it. And the second thing was a weird black thing with little paws on it.

I'm a good looking puppyWhat's this daddy? it looks lovesly, but me don't know what it is? Daddy took it, and put it on me, daddy said it looked like a waist coat on me. It turns out this was a harness, me's been really needing a new one, the old one was too small for me and the last on wasn't fitting me at alls well. This one was perfects. Turns out daddy got it specially made for me, from a place called, it was just perfects, fitted me like a glove, and the thingie daddy puts the lease on was at just the right place, so it didn't hurts when me runs faster than daddy. Me loves it daddy, thankies !!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Uh-oh me in trouble

Me's in trouble, daddys been annoyed with me recently, it started recently when
me started liking daddies laptop bag. It's cool, it's got like an apple mac and evers thing.
Me kind of chewed a couple of cables, daddy wasn't happy about that..

Me then stole some blue chewie cable and he was annoyed again, then this morning, daddy said
that I had to give him his sock back or I wouldn't get breakfast. I mean ok, me like smelly socks
they's fun, it's not to enough to scare me by telling me he won't feed me, that's just bad daddy!

Hmm, maybe me shouldn't alert him to the fact me chewed through his xbox controller cable,
he's gonna beat my bum when he finds out :'(
What should me do?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scooter goes to school

Hmm, somethings different..Burrrr, it's cold, all this white stuff fell on the ground the other night, and daddy
took me out to play in it. It was fun for a little bit and really weird, but then it got cold
and my little paws and little tummy were freezing. So me turned around and went back
in home. Had to drag daddy in, he's so slow sometimes. Me ran upstairs had a big shake and wiggled my bum to get all the white stuff off.

This evening daddy and I went out for our walkies after din-dins, played a little, then the strangest thing. Daddy said to get ready we were going out again, daddy said I was going to go to school. Hmm, wonder what this was, we got into the car and headed off.
Soon we came to a big pet store, called emmm, petsmart, yeah, that was it. There were lots of people in there, and some more doggies of different sizes. They all said they were there to go to school too. Well except for this little shitzu, he didn't know what was happening. He thought he was getting a hair cut, silly doggie.
There was this really nice girl called Leslie, who was going to teach us, me knows most of this stuffs already, she just needs to teach daddy stuff. He not that smart, so she's got her works cut out for hers. Me was showing all the other doggies what to do, like jumping ups and downs when your told to "sit", and bark whens your waiting for your treats too long ! Me the bestest student evers, me going to graduate with honors!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Scooters Operation

Last Thursday Daddy gave me a really yummy din-dins, it was my favorite Caesars food, the one with the little white puppy on the front! Me was hungry a little later on, but daddy refused to
give me more food. What's wrong daddy? did me do something wrong? But he didn't say anything *humph*

The next morning, Daddy gets up early and takes a shower, he never does that, he gives me breakfast and takes me out for walkies first. Somethings weird here mes thought, he gave me a little walk to go potty, and then put me in the vroom vroom. Next thing I know we're at the vets.

Hmm, was it me's shots time again or something? We wents in, and daddy filled out some forms, me helped :-D A really pretty nurse came out, and she took me away from daddy, me wasn't happy me cried, me wants daddy!!

After a while, my doctor came in and looked at me, they put some injections in me and took some red stuff out of me, this was all weird. Later on, they came back in and gave me a shot, and me fell asleep. When me wokes up, me was sore, my mouth hurts, and my tummy and bum hurts. Me looked down at me tummy, something was not right, something was missing, They took my jiggly bits!!!!

Me was worried, but too sore to do anything, the nurse came back in and gave me some medicine to make me feel better. That night me stayed at the vets, it was scary, they're were other doggies there too, some had the same thing as me. They said it was better for me as I wouldn't get in trouble in the future.

The next morning, daddy came and collected me, me was so happy to see him, me crawled into his arms and hung on to him really tightly so he wouldn't let go. We went home and daddy took care of me, me still taking medicine to make the soreness go away. Me feeling lots better now, but me miss me jiggly bits :-(

**Daddy wrote something about the cost of scooters operation on his blog**