Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Me's only got one ear

The other days, me was outside playings, when somethings bad happeneds.
A big doggie next doors called me osers to say 'hi' and then he grabbed my ears and
wouldn't let goes... He bits mes and made mes cries!!

Daddy wasn't homes, he rushed backs when he got a bring bring, and tooks me to a doctors.
Mes heads was red, and hurties, me was so scareds... The doctors was disserents, not the doctors
me usually sees. He saids that he would has to operates on mes :-(

Daddy had to leaves me in the hospitals osers nights so the doctors could operates, me was so scareds
Scooter after being attacked :-(Me finally got homes with a big bandage, and one os mes ears was like gones :-(
Hows me gonna lis with one ears???
Hows me gonna hears squirrels and chip monks and other doggies and stuffss.. Daddy me wants mes ear back
Mes had to wear the bandage for like 3 days, and me was soooo unhappys, mes cried and cried and cried.
Daddy tooks me to the doctors again, and mes bandages is gone, but the doctors says me has a in-feck-sion
and has to be on medicines for a while.

But mes got mes ear backs, now daddy says wes gonna be leavings nexts weeks again, if he can find us a homes to lives in, and mes passes some more doctors tests
Me sad, so much been happening, me just want it all to stops

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Scooter's in hospital :-(

This is a note from Scooters dad rather than scooter..
Today scooter was attacked by another dog, and was bitten.
Had to take him to an emergency vet, and over night him while they sedate
and sutures in him.

i'm pretty upset, angry and just hoping he'll be ok

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goodbye home :-(

Last night was the last night me spends at me homes.
daddy says we's mosing somewhere news for a little bits, and then me's goings on
a big metal birdies in the skys... this has been the only homes me's knowns since mes
was a little doggies...k me still a little doggies, but you know what i means.

last nights daddy snuggled up to me on the sofas just like the first weekends we spents togethers when i was sick and he had to take cares of me.. but this times daddys the one who wasn't feeling guds so me was taking cares of hims.
me going to be in the area for a littles but then leaves, me gonna miss homes, the lakes where all the quack quacks are, the balconies where me lets eseryones knows mes lising heres. the hiding places me has for me dingos bones
the doggies and peoples me used call family me's always gonna miss :-(

wish me lucks eseryones, wish both daddy and me lucks

Sunday, July 19, 2009

why's eserythings in boxes?

daddy came backs to scooties finally.
me wasnt happies with hims for leaving me for so longs me didn't talks to
hims for ages, but me finally forgis hims.
daddy's verys tired though, and he's been sicks this weekends :-(
he's putting eserythings we owns into boxes and some peoples has comes
and taken aways some ofs our stuffs...
we's gonna stay with a friends whos been looking asters me for a little bit, and then
daddy says we's movings v.far aways once he can start his new jobs...
but he's sick right nows, hes not been sleepings keeping scooties awakes all nights too, and now hes coughings and making weird noizes... daddy let scooties get some sleeps.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Me don't want daddy to leave

Daddy is leaving me tomorrow, he said he be back soons, but me worrieds.
He's going a long ways aways, and gonna be gone for a longs times..
Who take cares of scooter daddies??? me miss yous.
Daddy says we will be leavings our homes when he comes backs, and will be leavings
for good soons...
Daddy whys? :'(

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Me wish me understood

Me asked daddy what was wrongs, things been really sads.
He tolds mes that grandsda has passed aways making him sads.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mes not going !

Daddy's been weird recentlys, he's been teaching mes new twicks
and stuss. Like how to shake paws, and a weirds one called 'go nite nites'
Me don't want to go nite nites in the box, that's no funs, me wants to sleeps on
the beds or the sofas all wapped ups in a blankies.

But daddy still makes me do thems. Me demanded to knows why, and stood theres gising
hims a bad eye, but that didn't works, so me barks and barks and barks until he
tells me whats going ons.

Daddy tolds me wes going to have to leaves our homes, he saids thats we can't lives
in Americas anymores soons. But daddys me don't lives in Americas, me lives in Restons
that's not Americas is it?? *gulps*
Turns out it is..
Mes going to has to go on a bigs aeroplanes them weird birds in the skys with their butts
on fires. Mes scared. Daddy doesn't know wheres wes going to lives yets.
Mes goings to has to looses all mes friends and stuffs, mes not going to be ables to chases squirrels or go to the dogs parks agains (theys don't has thems wheres wes goings)

Mes crieds and begs daddys to not leaves, me likes its here... This is scooties homes!!
but he says we can't stays.. Daddys says he's sorries, he really wishes we could stays
but we cants. Me askes if it's because me peeded on the carpets, but daddy saz nos. Its
just hows stuffs is..

Mes going to be sayings byebyes to eseryones mes knows soons, and sayings byebyes to my homes sinces me firsts remembers. Mes thinks this is the worst years esers :'(

Me hopes daddys finds us somewheres to lives soons