Wednesday, December 24, 2008

twas the nite before xmas

santa? And me was all excited, daddy was watching tv's but me was watchings for santas. Me met santa's like ages agos and had a little chat about what me wanted, and mes been good esers sinces. Me saws on the tv's this mornings that santas was in Russia's deliverings toys, and that's like 4833.2 miles a-pox-imat-ie, and it takes me halfs and hours to walk around the lakes, so that means it would take santas 1 years and 3 months to walks heres... Daddy get the cars, we's gonna go to Russia and gis santa a rides!

bath before santa comesDaddy then tolds me needs to has a baths coz me was all stinkys and daddy said me has to be clean for santas to comes. Otherwises santas not gonna stays and mes not going to get mes pressies. So me gots all wets and sudsies, and mes leaves all mes dirts and old hairs all around the bath for daddy to cleans hee hee.

quick napSo mes all cleans now and gonna goes for a naps, and wait for santas to comes. And me promises not to bite hims in the bums.

So eseryones has a happy holidays
scootie claus

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Me met santa today

Daddy told mes to get ready to go out to the doggie parks,
me hasnt been going there much coz it's cold and darks earlys.
Me got dressed really warms, me puts on me shirts, and mes winter
coat, it's the fluffy wooly sheepie ones, and me was all ready to goes.

IMG_6230When we goes into the parks, an old friend of mine scout's mommy gave me a red collar thingie with bells on it. So me looked all christmassy, and me jingles all the ways. Me ran around and saw all the other doggies, and was hasing a great time. And then it all got like lots and lots betters cause someone turned up and and and like surprised us!!!

IMG_6382It was sannna !! Sannnananna, me luvs santa coz santa gis mes pressies at christmas. This year me whispered to santa what me wants, its something really specials that I misses, and that i cry about lots. me hopes it comes trues, so me can has a wonderfuls christmas eserybodys. jingle jingle all the ways oh what fun we has an an and plays... me don't know the words to that songs... oh wells, me tired now, from playings lots, nites nites.