Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Me's got new friends

Lately daddy's been spending time with Samantha, who's this really cool girl that me introduced daddy to at the doggie park. Me figured they'd like each others and me was right. :-D

Scooter Charley GraceySamantha has a puppy called Charley, he's just a kid but me plays with him anyways, he's got a sister called Gracey, who's pretty cool she lives with Samanthas sister Juile and her parents. Charley and I spend time at each others home, I let him play with my toys and he lets me steel his bones. Charley and Gracey are my bestest friends now, and we play all the time togethers. :-)

Scooter CharleyEverys now and thens me and Charley has a little disagreement about stuffs, like who gets the chewie now, and who's turn is it to play with the toys. He's a puppy and has to learns his place, me have to say though, me loves playing with Samantha, she's much nicer to little mes than Daddy, she doesn't tell me off or anythings, daddy is always saying me got to stop chewing on his shoes or something silly like thats.