Friday, November 21, 2008

Lots have happeneds

It's kind a been sad recentlys, daddy and mommys not getting on anymores,
and me don't know whys. Daddy says its just daddy and me for nows-
I donts knows what that means, me just hopes daddy and mommys makes things betters.
Mes misses mes familes :-(

i'm as big as him !Mes been doings lots of travels recentlys, saws somes blokes called Tea-a-doors roses-belts or somethings, he wasn't too interesting, me peed on hims hee hee. But me did gets to sees lots of trees and squirrels and trees and stuffs. It was cools, and me was really tireds when mes got homes, so me slepts all days and didn't wanna goes the next days but daddy mades me goes walkies.

Me wants daddy to buys me a computers all ofs my owns, as you can sees me has to shares with daddy, but its oks for now, but me wants me owns. Me things eseryones should tell daddys to get mes a computer all fors mes.