Thursday, June 30, 2011

Me's 5 whole years old

Me had me's 5th whole years old birthday not longs agos.
It was on a Mondays, so daddy took mes to day cares to play with the other doggies.
Me works there, not plays.

Daddy doesn't knows that the other puppies and I's actually run a startup company in the day cares!!
We's makes doggie stuffs and sells it, here's a t-shirt i sells. Our GDP is not so good, me thinks me has to get some new marketings, that stoopid German Shepards sucks as a marketers.

Laters on the weekends Daddy and I hungs out, he tooks me down to the beach and mes ran and ran and rans and didn't get wets once ! We had lunch with a friend of daddys and then wes went homes, and I sat on daddys lap telling him stories all weekends and we just hungs out and hads funs.
Sometimes it's nice that it's just daddys & I's, sometimes I wish we's had more friends, but we's ok's. And I likes that we's does little adventors togethers.
I asked daddy agains if i cans has a pet chickens, just coz i thinks theys bes good pets... Daddy said nos but nice trys!
Maybe next years for my next birthdays

Bye byes