Monday, February 18, 2008

Yeaaaa day at the doggie park

Daddy's been able to take mes to the doggie parks more and more since the weathers
been getting betters. Todays me's went and it was nice and warms, so me didn't sivers.
There was lots of little doggies there today who all wanted to plays.

What the hell happened to your fur?One of the doggies was weird looking, he didn't has any furs, he was totally balds!!!
Me don't know what was ups with him, but he was cool to plays withs. Mes played with him for a while, but me wonders hows the heck he keeps warms when it snows. Me don't like the snows, or the rains, or when it's cold. Me's little, and all the colds, and rains and snows goes up to my tummy, and me freezes, so me makes daddy takes me homes.

Scooter the flying dachshund !But todays was nice and warms, me rans arounds so fast the me thinks me almost flews. Ifs I flaps my ears fast enoughs me reckons me be able to takes offs, and catch all those squirrels in the trees. Hee hees, see you soons squirrelies !!!!