Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Me's only got one ear

The other days, me was outside playings, when somethings bad happeneds.
A big doggie next doors called me osers to say 'hi' and then he grabbed my ears and
wouldn't let goes... He bits mes and made mes cries!!

Daddy wasn't homes, he rushed backs when he got a bring bring, and tooks me to a doctors.
Mes heads was red, and hurties, me was so scareds... The doctors was disserents, not the doctors
me usually sees. He saids that he would has to operates on mes :-(

Daddy had to leaves me in the hospitals osers nights so the doctors could operates, me was so scareds
Scooter after being attacked :-(Me finally got homes with a big bandage, and one os mes ears was like gones :-(
Hows me gonna lis with one ears???
Hows me gonna hears squirrels and chip monks and other doggies and stuffss.. Daddy me wants mes ear back
Mes had to wear the bandage for like 3 days, and me was soooo unhappys, mes cried and cried and cried.
Daddy tooks me to the doctors again, and mes bandages is gone, but the doctors says me has a in-feck-sion
and has to be on medicines for a while.

But mes got mes ear backs, now daddy says wes gonna be leavings nexts weeks again, if he can find us a homes to lives in, and mes passes some more doctors tests
Me sad, so much been happening, me just want it all to stops

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