Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goodbye home :-(

Last night was the last night me spends at me homes.
daddy says we's mosing somewhere news for a little bits, and then me's goings on
a big metal birdies in the skys... this has been the only homes me's knowns since mes
was a little doggies...k me still a little doggies, but you know what i means.

last nights daddy snuggled up to me on the sofas just like the first weekends we spents togethers when i was sick and he had to take cares of me.. but this times daddys the one who wasn't feeling guds so me was taking cares of hims.
me going to be in the area for a littles but then leaves, me gonna miss homes, the lakes where all the quack quacks are, the balconies where me lets eseryones knows mes lising heres. the hiding places me has for me dingos bones
the doggies and peoples me used call family me's always gonna miss :-(

wish me lucks eseryones, wish both daddy and me lucks

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